[Best] All Study Material in Gujarati PDF Download Latest 2022

Study Material in Gujarati: It is very important to have relevant study material to crack any exam. So here we have shared with you the useful study material for the competitive examination to be held in Gujarat. The study material provided here will be in the Gujarati language which is a competitive examination conducted in Gujarat such as Police Constable, Talati, Clerk, Junior Clerk, Senior Clerk, Dyso, PI, GPSC, etc.

The list of study materials given here is as under.

Gujarati Vyakarn
Jaher vahivat
Bharat ni bhugol
Gujarati Sahitya
All Gcert book
Gujarat no Itihas
Bharat no Itihas
English Grammar
Bharat nu Bandharan
Gujarat ni bhugol
Panchayati raj
Granth Nirman Board
General Knowledge

Gujarati Vyakaran – Study Material in Gujarati

Gujarati grammar is an important subject in most of the competitive examinations conducted in Gujarat. I have shared with you a PDF book related to Gujarati grammar and covering all topics like metaphor, rhyme, compound, inflection. Click here to read Gujarati Vykaran study material.

Computer – Study Material in Gujarati

Here we have shared some books covering all computer-related topics in PDF format. The book given here will definitely benefit us in the competitive examination of Gujarat.

Jaher Vahivat – જાહેર વહીવટ

Public administration is a very useful subject in clerk-related examinations or GPSC examinations. It takes more effort to memorize this subject than usual. So to help as much as possible in this subject, I have given some important PDF books which will be very useful.

ભૂગોળ – Bhugol Study Material

In the competitive examination conducted in Gujarat, the geography of India along with Gujarat is of utmost importance. So here we have shared with you the geography of both Gujarat(ગુજરાતનું ભૂગોળ) and India(ભારત નું ભૂગોળ).

Gujarati Sahitya – ગુજરાતી સાહિત્ય

There is a need for information about the poets, writers, etc. of the Gujarati language, starting from the origin of the Gujarati language and what changes have taken place in it till now. Here we have shared with you more than 20 books related to Gujarati literature. Which is available in the Gujarati language and will be very useful in the competitive examination conducted in Gujarat.

Gujarat no Itihas – Study Material

The history of Gujarat is very old and glorious which includes everything from Harappan culture to the Solanki dynasty and the Mughal Empire. Here we have shared with you some important PDF books related to the history of Gujarat which will help you to get more and more marks in this subject.

Bharat No Itihas – ભારતનો ઇતિહાસ

Bharat no Itihas PDF in Gujarati: The subject “Bharat no Itihas(History of India in Gujarati)” is very important in competitive examinations. In almost all the competitive examinations held in Gujarat, questions are asked about “Bharat no Itihas(History of India in Gujarati)“. 

Kaydo – કાયદો

The subject of the law(Kaydo) asks questions based on topics like IPC and CRPC. Here we have also given you some useful one-liners in the exam along with some books related to IPC and CRPC. The law will be very useful in exams like PSI, Police Constable.

English Grammar – Study Material in Gujarati

English grammar is one of the most difficult subjects in competitive examinations in Gujarat. Actually, this subject is not so difficult, but due to lack of study, it seems difficult. Here we have shared with you some books related to that subject which will help us a lot in this subject.

ભારતનું બંધારણ – Bandharan

The subject of the constitution is also very important in competitive examination. In this topic, questions related to the Constitution of India are asked. Questions are also asked regarding the constitution and its concepts.

પંચાયતી રાજ – Panchayati Raj study Material in Gujarati

Questions are asked in the competitive examination on the concept of Panchayati Raj and its foundations, its constitution, the committees formed about it etc. Here we have given you a book related to Panchayati Raj and useful in the exam, which you can download with the help of the link given below.

Granth Nirman Board

General Knowledge – GK Book PDF

We know the importance of General Knowledge in any competitive exam. In any competitive examination, if there is a load of a subject except the main subject, it is general knowledge. So here we have shared with you more than 50 very useful general knowledge books.

Old Papers

Old papers can be very helpful in cracking competitive exams. With all these papers comes the concept of examination method and blueprint. Here we have shared class-3, class-2 (GPSC) papers with you. Almost all the papers here are provided with answers and in pdf format to help you solve.