[Guide] Learn Hindi through English | अंग्रेजी के माध्यम से हिंदी भाषा सीखें

Learn Hindi From English: Here we are sharing with you the important information about learning the Hindi language through the English language. You will be able to easily learn the Hindi language in English through the lessons given here.

Learn Hindi through English

To learn any language, you need to know some of its basic words. In short, the stronger the grip on the dictionary, the faster the language can be learned. Here we have given you some Hindi language lessons along with English. The lessons given here will help you to learn Hindi through the English language.

Basic Lessons:

The timeBeveragesActivities
Countries and LanguagesFruitsColors
Reading and writingfoodSeasons and Weather
Days of the weekFamily MembersGetting to know others
Yesterday – today – tomorrowAround the houseFish Name
Pulses NameFlour NameVegetable Name
Flower NameInsect NameVehicle Name
Color NameDirection NamePlanet Name
Zodiac SignReligious NameCommon Phrases
Rock NameHobbiesCapital
Mountain NamePlant PartsFuel Types
Wonder Of the WorldElectronic ItemGalaxy
Spice NameOil NameCereal Name
GreensAnimal NameRetiles Name
NatureNut NameBird Name
AmphibiansHuman Body PartMonth
ProfessionSportFeelings and Emotion
shapes nameRiver NamesDiseases

Advance Lessons:

If you are keen to learn the Hindi language and have read all the above lessons carefully. So here we share with you a few Advance Lessons. The advanced lessons given here will teach you practical Hindi. Carefully read and understand the Learn Hindi From English Advanced Lesson given below.

Lesson No.Lesson NameClick Here
1Small Talk 1Click Here
2Small Talk 2Click Here
3Small Talk 3Click Here
4How To Book an Appointment in Hindi?Click Here
5In the hotel – Arrival and ComplaintsClick Here
6At the restaurantClick Here
7On the trainClick Here
8At the airportClick Here
9Public transportationClick Here
10In the taxiClick Here
11Car breakdownClick Here
12Asking for directionsClick Here
13Where is … ?Click Here
14City tourClick Here
15At the zooClick Here
16Going out in the eveningClick Here
17At the cinemaClick Here
18Vacation activitiesClick Here
19In the department storeClick Here
20ShoppingClick Here
21WorkingClick Here
22FeelingsClick Here
23At the doctorClick Here
24At the post office and bankClick Here
25Asking questionsClick Here
26NegationClick Here
27big – smallClick Here
28AdjectivesClick Here
29ImperativeClick Here
30ConjunctionsClick Here
31AdverbsClick Here