Accept vs Except – How to use these confusing words?

Accept vs Except: There is also a lot of confusion when it comes to using “Accept or Except”. So here we have shared with you some important information about “Accept vs. Accept”.

Accept vs Except

Here, we provide information regarding difference between accept vs except. Where you get definition and some example.

What is “Accept” ?

Accept mean “to take willingly”. The word “accept” is used whenever something is to take willingly.


  1. Please accept this small gift.
  2. Thank you for your invitation. I am happy to accept.

What is “Except”?

“Except” Means “not including other than, excluding”. Whenever there is an intention to exclude something from many, it is used.


  • I didn’t tell him anything, except that I needed the money
  • They work every day except Sunday

Here we have given you the information related to “Accept vs Except”. We hope that you have liked the information given here. Click here for another confusing word.

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