Parts of Speech | Learn Eight Parts of speech in English Grammar

Parts of Speech: Here we provide information on eight important parts of speech of the English language. That is very important in learning English. It is very important to know “Parts of Speech” to learn English grammar.

Parts of Speech

Traditional grammar classifies words based on eight-part of speech: the verb, the noun, the pronoun, the adjective, the adverb, the preposition, the conjunction, and the interjection.

Here’s a little rhyme, that our teacher used in days gone by to help students learn the parts of speech.

Poem to learn Part of Speech:

Three little words you often see
Are Articles: a, an, and the.

A Noun’s the name of anything,
As: school or garden, toy or swing

Adjectives tell the kind of noun,
As: great, small, pretty, white or brown.

Verbs tell of something being done:
To read, write, count, sing, jump, or run.

How things are done the Adverbs tell,
As: slowly, quickly, badly, well

Conjunction join words together,
As: men and women, wind or weather

The Preposition stands before,
A noun as: in or through a door.

The Interjection shows surprise
As: oh, how pretty! Ah! How wise!

The whole are called the Parts of Speech,
Which reading, writing, speaking, teach.


A noun is the name of a person, place, thing, or idea. Whatever exists, we assume, can be named, and that name is a Noun. There are various kinds of nouns

Example of a noun: A blackboard is made of wood.

In the above example, “Blackboard” and “Wood” is a noun. [Click here to read more about the noun]


Pronoun, which is used instead of a noun. Like He, She, We, They, It… There are two kinds of pronouns, personal pronouns, and Possessive pronouns.

Example: Ramesh is on the Ground, he is running.

Here we can see that in the second sentence we use “he” instead of Ramesh(noun). [Click here to read more about the Pronoun]


A verb is a word or a group of words that indicates action, condition, or process. A is a word that tells or asserts something about a person or thing. The verb comes from the Latin verbum, a word.

There are mainly two types of verbs. Transitive verb and Intransitive verb. Sometimes we consider it as a Main verb and an Auxiliaries verb.

The main verb shows action, For example, “You sing well.”

The auxiliary verb helps the main verb to complete the sentence. For example, They are walking in the garden.

[Click here to read more about the verb]


An adverb is a word that adds to the meaning of a verb and tells us how a thing is done, when it is done or where it is done. It is a modifier. Mainly, six types of adverbs are important. like Adverb of manner, Adverb of Place, Adverb of time, Adverb of number, Adverb of degree, Interrogative verb.

Many adverbs end with “-ly” For example.

  • He fought bravely.

In the above example, bravely is adverbs. [Click here to read more about the adverb]


The conjunction is a word that is used to join words or sentences together. There are three types of conjunction, Co-ordinating conjunction, Sub-ordinating conjunction, and Correlative conjunction.

Example: But, or, and, yet….etc. used for conjunction.

  • We must eat or die

In the above example, “or” is a conjunction. [Click here to read more about the Conjunction]


A Preposition is a word that shows the relation between a noun or a pronoun. A preposition describes a relationship between words in a sentence.

At, On, In, By, From, on-Upon, Over, Below-under is the example of Preposition.

  • My brother is coming on Monday.

In the above example, “on” is a Preposition. [Click here to read more about the Preposition]


Articles, determiners, and quantifiers are those little words that precede and modify a noun. Adjective a, an, and the are usually called articles. They are really demonstrative adjectives.

[Click here to read more about Article]


An adjective is a word used to add some meaning to the noun. There are six Kinds of Adjectives Like Adjective of Quality, Adjective of quantity, Adjective of number, Demonstrative adjective, Distributive adjective, Interrogative adjectives.

Example: Afzal is a lazy boy.

In the above example, “Lazy” is an Adjective. [Click here to read more about the Adjective]

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