English Vocabulary | Best English Vocabulary with 5000+ words and Explanation

English Vocabulary: We know that to learn any language, it is very important to know its vocabulary. Here is an English Vocabulary that will help you learn English.

English Vocabulary

It is generally believed that the total number of words in the English language is around 3 lakh. But out of that we only use the number of words around 3000 to 5000. The rest of the words just fall into the dictionary.

Here we have given English vocabulary which has more than 40 Important topics. The word given here is also explained.

English Vocabulary – Topic

Choose a topic from the below list for vocabulary words

Agriculture, Animal rearingQualities or nature of people
Vegetable, Grains, Nuts, SpicesRelations, Family
Food, KitchenwareBody Language, Exercise
CookingMedical condition, Health care
Animal, Birds, Insects, PlantsEducation, Language
Pollution, Environment(Forest, Sanctuary, Zoo)Hobbies – Art and Painting
Seasons, WeatherHobbies – Handicraft, Photography, book
Natural calamities, Manmade disasterFashion, Beauty
Museum, Historical Places, Historical EventsClothes, Accessories
ReligionFilm, TV, Music
Astrology, Death, Spirit worldTechnology
Ceremonies, culture, CustomsNewspaper, Magazine, News
Festivals, PartyBusiness, Job
House, ArchitectureGovernment and Economics
City, Cars, RoadsTime
ShoppingCrime, Law
TravelingAstronomy, Sky, Energy
Adventurous activity, Water sports, Video GamesParks and Garden
Emotions, ExpressionsHotels

The vocabulary topic given above will be added periodically so that more and more vocabulary can be delivered to you.

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