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Agriculture Vocabulary

Agriculture Vocabulary: Here we have given you a vocabulary of words related to the subject of agriculture. The vocabulary of the words given here will be very helpful in exams related to English like IELTS or TOEFL.

Agricultural vocabulary with meaning
Organic Farming – Farming without use of chemicals
Crop rotation – Growing of different crops in a specific order to maintain nutrients of the soil
Green manure, Natural Fertilizer, compost – fertilizer made from dead plants and crops
biological pest control – to control the pest by using other living organisms instead of chemical
Inorganic Farming – farming with the use of chemicals.
pesticide – substance used to kill the insect or unwanted organism
weedicide – to kill weeds or unwanted plants
chemical fertilizers – chemicals used to make the soil fertile
genetic engineering, genetic modification – modification character by changing DNA
terrace farming – farming on hilly or mountainous areas
irrigation types – the ways to watering land for agricultural
drip irrigation – irrigating by allowing the water to drip slowly
sprinkler irrigation – irrigation with help of sprinklers
surface irrigation – distributing water evenly on the soil surface
irrigation canals – artificial or natural waterways used for irrigation on for passage of boats
cash crop – crops are grown for commercial purposes like tobacco, cotton, etc.
genetically modified crops – crops growing using genetic engineering.
food crops – crops grown for eating purposes
orchard – a land for cultivation of food
vegetation – plant life, flora
weeds – unwanted plants grown
yield – the amount of crop production
husk – the outer covering of the seed
haystack – a pile of dry grass
hedge, hedgerow, a row of bushes – fence formed by growing bushes closely together
peasant – farmer
scarecrow – a dummy of human kept on the farm to keep the birds away
infertile, barren, unproductive land – land which cannot grow vegetation
fertile, productive land – land which is good for the growth of plants
sow the seed
reap the crop, reap the harvest – cut and gather the crops
cultivate, till, plough, furrow, harrow – to prepare the land for growing plants
germinate – to sprout
farming equipment
Thresher, sickle, spade, reaper, harvester
kitchen garden, vegetable garden, potager – a small garden in the backyard to grow fresh vegetable
Grass, cutter, trowel, shovel
Agriculture Vocabulary

Animal Rearing, Animal Husbandry Vocabulary

Animal Rearing or Animal Husbandry Vocabulary
cattle – animals like cows and oxen kept for milk or meat
livestock – farm animals like cows, horses, goats, asses, pigs, etc. kept raised for profit
cattle rearing – raising or breeding of cattle for commercial purpose
cross-breeding to produce hybrid species – breeding of two different species to form a new one
factory farming, intensive animal farming – livestock kept confined in very large numbers for commercial purpose
selective breeding – breeding of two species to get specific or desired characteristic
poultry farming – the raising of birds like chickens, ducks, turkeys, etc. for meat or eggs
battery cage, battery farm – animal home where a large number of chickens are kept in small cages in crowded condition.
fodder, feed crops – food like dry grass.
pasture, grassland, meadow – (land covered with green grass used for grazing of animals)
veterinarian, veterinary doctor – doctor for animal
domesticate – to tame
animal grazing, cattle grazing – feeding of animals
shepherd, herdsman, cowboy, cattleman – a person in charge of domesticated animals
Animal Rearing, Animal Husbandry Vocabulary

Here, we provide vocabulary related to Agriculture and animal rearing. For more vocabulary click here.

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